How to take Clenbuterol


clenbuterol is a useful steroid for bodybuilders looking to start off a cutting program. With this drug you can successfully lose weight through the repartitioning of excess body fat in your body.

However, the effectiveness of this steroid is dependent on the user. It is important that you know how to take Clenbuterol before you even begin a solo cycle or stack with other steroids.

This post shows you how to take Clenbuterol when running a two week cycle. A word of advice though, it is important to seek the medical advice of your doctor before embarking on any steroid use including Clenbuterol.

How to Take Clenbuterol as a Newbie – Week 1 of Two Week Cycle

#1: Start with a Regular Clenbuterol Dosage

As a newbie to Clenbuterol use, it is advisable to start off with a regular dosage. First off, you should know that this drug is available in pill or liquid form. If you are taking the pill, then you should begin your two week cycle with a 0.02 milligram daily dosage.

However, if you are sticking with the intraveneus gebruik of Clenbuterol, then a start-off daily dosage of 20 micrograms is ideal.

#2: Steady Increase of Clenbuterol Use

You should steadily increase your Clenbuterol dosage for each day of the first week of your two week cycle. On day two of week one, you should take 40 micrograms of Clenbuterol.

By increasing the Clenbuterol dosage, you will enable the drug to be tolerated by your entire body system. This also helps to keep you immune from some of the drug’s side effects. A word of caution though, if the drug is making you uncomfortable in any way, avoid increasing your dosage.

Some of the discomfort you could experience include; excruciating cramps, heart palpitations, and frequent jitters.

Try as much as possible to be aware of the side effects of the drug. While slight side effects within 3 to 4 days of your Clenbuterol cycle is normal, if the side effects become unbearable and extreme you should discontinue the use of this steroid.

As you get to the 7th day of your two week cycle, you should by administering a dosage of 140 micrograms. Try not to go beyond this dosage. For women or anyone with a small build, the maximum dosage of Clenbuterol that should be administered per day is 120 micrograms.

How to Take Clenbuterol as a Newbie – Week 2 of Two Week Cycle

#3: Steadily Decrease your use of Clenbuterol

As you enter week 2 of your Clenbuterol cycle, you should steadily reduce your daily intake of the drug by 20 micrograms. So by day eight of your cycle, you will take 120 micrograms of the steroid which is a reduction of 20 micrograms from the 140 micrograms taken on day seven.

You should keep decreasing Clenbuterol by 20 micrograms, so that by the 14th day, you would have stopped administering the drug. By so doing, you will greatly minimise your risk of experiencing the negative side effects of the drug as well as stop you from being addicted to the steroid.

This is how to take Clenbuterol steroid, but note that once you have completed the two week cycle you should abstain from using the drug for at least 14 days.

It is important that you body is allowed ample time to be desensitized from Clenbuterol use. Also, note that as you take time off from using Clenbuterol, you should equally avoid administering any other weight-loss drug, as it could prove to be counterproductive to your health.